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1. 閣下曾否參加過任何才藝比賽?
Have you participated in any talent contest previously? *
2. 閣下現時有否簽約經紀人公司?
Are you currently contracted with any agency? *
3. 閣下已細心閱讀有關比賽細則及條款?
Have you read through the Terms & Conditions of the contest? *

Disclaimer of Data Privacy

  1. 海選製作單位收集參賽者的個人資料,以處理及跟進閣下提交的申請。
    The production team responsible for the selection process collects participants' personal data for the purpose of
    processing and following up on submitted applications.
  2. 海選製作單位所收集個人資料將作以下用途:
    All personal data provided will only be used for contest registration purposes, including but not limited to the
    - 確認參賽者的身份
    To confirm the identity of the applicant
    - 處理參賽者的申請
    To process the application
    - 回答參賽者的查詢
    To respond to any queries from the applicant
  3. 提供個人資料純屬自願性質。在個人資料不足的情況下,海選製作單位不能為有關參賽者處理有關申請表。
    The submission of personal data is voluntary. Incomplete information may result in disqualification from the application process.
  4. 使用者以電子方式傳遞的資料,有機會在過程中被第三者竊取。使用者如因此引致損失,海選製作單位將不會負責。
    Please note that data transmitted electronically carries a risk of being intercepted by a third party. The production team shall not be held liable for any loss resulting from such interception.
  5. 所收集得的個人資料將會絕對保密。除非獲得資料當事人同意或在法律強制下,否則海選製作單位不會向外界機構或團體披露當事人在作出要求或查詢時所所提供的任何個人資料。
    All personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any external organizations or individuals, except with the data subject's consent or as required by law.
  6. 除非特別列明,海選製作單位一般會保留使用者之申請或查詢時所提供的資料十二個月。
    Unless otherwise specified, the production team will generally retain the data provided by the applicant for 12 months.
  7. 資料當事人有權查閱及更正大會持有的其個人資料。
    Data subjects have the right to access and correct their personal data held by the production team.
  8. 如欲查閱或刪除主辦單位所持有閣下的個人資料,請電郵至info@ww-production.com。
    For any inquiries or requests to delete personal data held by the organizer, please email info@ww-production.com.


Whole World Production Limited reserves the right to photograph, capture audio, and/or record video of you and your child. Such audio and/or video recordings may be utilized for internal communication, promotional and marketing purposes (including usage in the Roadshow, Semi-final show, or online promotional activities). Our staff will notify you and/or your child (as appropriate) before taking any photos, audio, or video recordings. If you or your child prefer not to have your photos, audio, or video recordings taken or recorded, please inform our staff accordingly.

I confirm the above information as true and accurate and hereby sign(Participants under the age of 18 require a guardian's signature).

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Terms & Conditions of the Contest

主辦單位 Organizer: Whole World Group Limited
比賽名稱 Name of Contest: Hong Kong’s Got Talent Audition

比賽機制簡述 Details of Contest

  1. 初選評審團將按照既定的標準選出1000名入圍者。
    1000 contestants will be selected by the panel of adjudicators.
  2. 評審團將按照既定的標準選出300名得分最高的參賽者,參加海選賽。
    The panel of adjudicators will be selected 300 contestants base on organizer standard to join the auditions.
  3. 海選賽將選出 100 位優勝者直接入選《香港達人秀》100強。
    We’ll selected according performance 100 winner will be join in Hong Kong's Got Talent Top100.

參賽資格 Entry Requirements

  1. 本比賽公開給所有才藝達人參加。
    The contest welcomes talented individuals of all backgrounds.
  2. 參賽者不得有任何刑事及犯罪紀錄。
    It is imperative that contenders have no criminal history.

參賽年齡 Age of Entry

本比賽公開給所有年齡介於 3 至 80 歲人士參與。
The competition is open to participants aged between 3 to 80 years.

賽期 Duration

賽期從 2024 年 6月開始,並在 2024 年 10月 結束。主辦單位保留修改,展延或重定賽期或任何日期的所有權利。
The Contest is scheduled for Jun 2024 to October 2024, but changes may occur at the organizer's discretion.

比賽語言 Language

The Contest will be carried out in verbal Cantonese.

參賽流程 Contest Logistics

Applicant must fill-in the application form, and submit by email or website with the following attachment:
- 兩張參賽者的近照(1張半身,1張全身)
Two recent photos (1x top half-body & 1x full body pictures)
- 兩分鐘的表演片段
Two minutes video clip of talent performance
Participants must fill out an application form and confirm their understanding of the contest's terms and conditions. The organizer may ask for proof of identity for verification purposes.

官方指定電郵 Official Email : info@ww-production.com

參賽者的宣誓與承諾 Contestant’s Pledge & Promise

1. 參賽者必須一直維持良好的品格。
Contestants must maintain good behavior and attitude throughout the contest.
2. 參賽者不曾做,也將不會做出違反社會道德和倫理的行為,以致對比賽、其代表、贊助商和/或主辦單位造成不利的影響。
Contestants must not commit any immoral or unethical actions that could have a negative impact on the contest, its representatives, sponsors, and/or organizers.
3. 在比賽之前或比賽期間不曾在任何影片,刊物或其它媒體上出現任何裸體或不雅照片或視頻。
Prior to and during the competition, contestants must refrain from posting any obscene photos or videos on any platform such as magazines, videos or any other media outlet.
4. 參賽者必須自行承擔參與比賽活動的所有支出,除非主辦單位事先有特別說明。
Contestants are responsible for all expenses during the contest unless otherwise specified by the organizer.
5. 倘若發生任何主辦單位控制範圍以外的事故而必須中止,取消或延遲比賽時,參賽者不得向主辦單位索取賠償。
In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizers leading to the suspension, cancellation or postponement of the competition, contestants are not entitled to any compensation from the organizers.

主辦單位權利 Rights of the Organizer

1. 若獲勝者因不良行為或違反比賽條規而被取消資格,主辦單位有權更換獲勝者或取消有關獲勝者的資格。
In the event that the awarded contestant is disqualified due to misconduct or violation of the contest's rules, the organizer reserves the right to replace the winner or revoke their eligibility.
2. 主辦單位在任何平台有獨家的權利拍攝,錄製、轉播或以其它方式記錄全部或部分參賽者在比賽期間的表演。
The organizer has exclusive rights on all platforms to capture, record, broadcast, or otherwise document the entire or partial performances of contestants during the contest.
3. 在《香港達人秀選拔賽》活動期間,主辦單位對任何參賽者的貴重物品和個人財物之任何損失,一概不負責。
During the "Hong Kong's Got Talent Audition" , the organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any valuable or personal belongings of the contestants.
4. 主辦單位有權修改或調整任何條例與細則,恕不另行通知。
The organizer reserves the right to modify or adjust any rules and regulations without prior notification.
5. 不符合或違反任何條款與細則的參賽者將立即被取消資格並禁止參與下階段的比賽。
Contestants who fail to comply with any T&C will be immediately disqualified and prohibited from participating in subsequent stages of the contest.
6. 主辦單位有權接受或拒絕任何參賽申請。
The organizer has the right to accept or reject any contest application.
7. 評審團的決定將是最終裁決,不得上訴。
The judges' decision will be final, and no appeals will be permitted.
8. 主辦單位謹此聲明,是次選拔活動是《香港達人秀》的推廣項目之一。
The organizers wish to declare that this selection event is one of the promotional projects for "Hong Kong's Got Talent".

報名截止日期 Deadline of Application:

請於 2024 年 7 月 13日 晚上12點或之前提交報名表格。
Kindly submit the application form before 12:00 a.m. on July 13, 2024.

提交方法 Method of Submission

參賽表格必須以電郵或網上方式提交 。
To apply, submit the application form via email or online. Send your application to the official email address: info@ww-production.com.

上載影片 Upload video *
Maximum file size: 10 MB

行政費 Administration Fee HKD $300(個人 Personal)

海選活動證書 HKD $500
Audition certificate *
official Certificate
海選活動紀念影片 HKD $500
Audition video *
To reserve the precious moment of the performance at the HKGT show,
contestant can order an official video clip.
Sub total
上載圖片(入數紙) Upload (Deposit Slip) *
Maximum file size: 25 MB

Account name: Whole World Production Limited
Bank details: HSBC(004)
Account number: 040-229700-838 / FPS:107602021

參賽者須將銀行入數紙以電郵方法提交 。參賽者將獲發一個專屬參賽編號。
To obtain an exclusive participant number, please submit the bank deposit slip via email or online.

WWP will offers activity support allowances to financially disadvantaged participants. For more information, please contact us.

If you cannot submit, please use the backup link